"Once I started reading it I couldn't put it. I definitely recommend this book." - Melissa

"I'll just say it is worth every minute of reading and don't say you weren't warned that you may just ignore everything around you until you finish it." - Theressa

I felt that it was a sweet love story that had a great storyline with well defined characters that just drew me into the story! I look forward to reading more from this author. - Pat W.

Ronaria’s Prince Layton’s work with orphaned children has brought him to the Summit inMonterra, but it was by chance he walked into the quaint bistro in search of a treat for the kids in his care.

The bistro’s owner Georgianne Bosco doesn’t first recognize him, and her blunt honesty and warmth to his children has him longing for a way to turn this business trip into a royal holiday

Royal Holiday

The Royals of Monterra Kindle World

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